Senior Associate

Lawyer in the Galaţi Bar Association, Ştefan is a collaborator of Revnic, Cristian & Associates since 2014. He has experience both as a litigating lawyer and as a consultant.

He speaks English and French fluently.

Areas of practice

  • Tax law
  • Administrative law
  • Civil law
  • Competition law
  • Labor Law
  • Enforcement proceedings
  • Customs law
  • Maritime law

Professional experience

In tax law disputes, he assists clients in challenging tax decisions and fiscal inspection reports issued by tax authorities, as well as in challenging fines imposed by tax authorities.

Assists clients involved in litigation related to commercial contracts, unfair competition, and other types of litigation between professionals.

In the field of competition law, he provides assistance in challenging the decisions of the Competition Council on alleged violations of competition legislation.

Assist clients in labor law disputes, especially in cases where employees challenge the decisions to terminate individual employment contracts, as well as in disputes over alleged violations of employment contracts (salaries, other types of compensation etc.).

Provides assistance in lawsuits of administrative law in challenging administrative acts issued by Romanian authorities (normative acts, licenses, authorizations and permits etc.) and contesting the results of public procurement procedures.

In the field of civil law, he provides assistance to clients in real estate litigation (for example, for the restitution of property rights over buildings abusively taken over by the communist regime, cancellation of sale / purchase contracts etc.), in land book lawsuits, in lawsuits on intellectual and industrial property rights, in lawsuits against competitors on the use of trademarks and industrial designs.

As regards enforcement proceedings, he provides assistance in challenging the enforcement procedure initiated illegally by the tax authorities, but also in the enforcement of civil or commercial debt securities and in the challenge of enforcement of commercial contracts.

He advises on national and international trade issues and customs law through: legal assistance on expedition operations and international shipping of goods subject to customs clearance; legal advice on the conditions for national and international imports; legal advice on compliance with the various customs regimes; counseling and customer representation on issues relating to the suspension of duties, quoting tariffs as well as other inconveniences and suspension regimes; ensuring that all represented customers use correctly and optimally the privileged exchange programs; legal advice on export controls; legal assistance regarding the amicable or contentious settlement of disputes between Romanian or foreign legal entities with the central customs authorities.

Provides advice and representation to maritime law courts dealing with: shipwrecks, approaches, joint and private damages, cargo disputes, maritime rescue, security measures, auctions and price distributions, maritime insurance, crew rights.

In the field of competition law, he provides legal advice on compliance with the legal rules on competition in a wide variety of transactions and situations, both in the current business of companies and in the case of investigations into breach of competition rules.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Law, 2006.


+40 758 450 480

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