Consultancy, review and negotiation of contracts, support and follow-up in tendering procedures, legal assistance in matters of competition, takeovers and mergers, coordination of due diligence, incorporation of companies, amendment of articles of association, assistance before the Companies Register, assistance in mediation and arbitration procedures and court representation in (commercial) suits.
Consultancy and representation in the conclusion, performance and termination of individual employment contracts and collective agreements, consultancy for and drafting of internal rules and regulations and collective bargaining agreements at business unit level, drafting of reports with regard to applicable regulations in a wide range of activity sectors and in reference to the general framework of activities in foreign capital owned companies, legal assistance in court in labour litigation, assistance before the Employment Agency, Labour Agency, Public Pensions Fund and Health Funds.
Legal assistance and representation in cases of contentious-administrative, getting and reversing ownership titles, challenging any control and misdemeanor reports made the relevant authorities, providing consultancy on tax law.
Legal advice regarding copyright, software protection, artistic production contracts, trademarks, IT law.
Legal advice and legal representation in legal disputes between business persons and the Ministry of Finance, local and regional Tax Administrations, Custom Authorities, in terms of taxes and custom duties (tax breaks, exonerations, etc) mandatory social contributions, consultancy with regard to the National Bank of Romania operations – notification of foreign loan agreements, double tax avoidance, European tax law issues enshrined in national tax law and compliance of national law with European treaties, regulations and directives;
Legal advice with regard to civil aspects of real estate development, drafting of sale-purchase agreements, lease agreements, Land Book transactions, legal representation is disputes connected to real estate, retrocession of land and buildings, leases, evictions, determination of boundaries, partition of jointly owned property, etc, setting-up federations, associations and non-profit making charities.
Legal advice and representation in divorce cases, division of marital assets, paternity cases, child support, petitions for adjudication of incapacity, spanning the whole range of family law issues;
Drafting of penal complaints and their defence before courts of law, defence of clients involved in criminal trials, in any phase during the court process;
Consulting and representation.